Brianna. 13 Years Old. Los Angeles, CA. How Ya Dern. Jamals Mamma. Blue Ivy's Mamma. Wanna Give Me Some T-Money? Its Jesus In The Cheecks.<3 "Im Louis And Im 10" Mrs. No Bonez Smith. Vincent Is Perfect In Every Possible Way ∞ ICONiac & GRANDer. ∞ My Life Consist Of 16 Boyz From Englishtown, New Jersey Who Stole My Heart From The Beginning. April 14, 2011 Now & Forever♥ Being Inspired By The ICONic Boyz is My Job. Supporting Them Is My Duty. Being There For Them Is My Commitment. Loving Them is My Life.♥ 16 ICONic Boyz = My Life.♥

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